2019 H²O Super Libre Series Technical Regulations

(Within Motorsport UK- Formula Libre Class Regulation)

IAME Lynx, Lion Leopard, & X30 Engines

Introduction. This class endeavours to provide, at club level, a low maintenance and affordable means of Kart racing for all senior enthusiast. Why this engine? The Iame Lynx, Lyon (Maxi) Leopard & X30 (IAME RL UK TaG range) these engines are one of the most user friendly kart engine range ever produced, with long engine life between rebuilds, easy touch start ignition, tuneable carburettor and an alternator to ‘keep the battery charged’ while the engine is in use. The complete engine kit is ‘ready to race’ including engine, radiator, battery, airbox, cdi and all connections and hardware – simply bolt it on and go racing!  There is a good supply of these engines and spares around in the UK either used or still engines can be bought new. The 4 options of engine size ensures that the heavier driver can race the lighter driver, a true grass roots clubman class. This engine is not sealed and is easily maintained by the clubman driver keeping costs down. All H²O drivers use the Euro style 3 digit race number system.   

Key features about the class

One class with 4 weights (total kart +driver) one race for all.


  • Lynx (Blue cylinder head) 100cc = 160 kg No Driver min
  • Lion (Green cylinder head)115 cc = 170kg Driver min 76 kg
  • Leopard OR X30 125 cc (X30 fitted silver 26mm di a restricted exhaust manifold part number  X30125366) = 180 Kg Driver min 86 kg
  • X30 125 cc (exhaust manifold part number X30125365 ) = 190 Kg Driver min 96 kg

The one set of dry tyres per 2 rounds rule helps the driver on a budget and reduces environmental waste.


The class will be incorporate within the Regulation Motorsport UK 2019 Yearbook and Specific regulations for Karting (U) and Motorsport UK and, 2019 Kart Race Yearbook- Formula Libre

Reference: IAME RL UK TaG engine- as used in UK Clubman Class, X30 & Formula Blue

Class: H²O Super Libre Series (IAME Lynx, Lion, Leopard, X30 (Homologation 05/ENG/14 fitted with Selettra ignition 2013-2015 X30125952, Tryton HB 27)

Engine Bore: (mm)

  • Lynx : 50.12-50.90 Ø
  • Lion : 54.00-54.40 Ø
  • Leopard : 54-54.40 Ø
  • X30: 54-54.40 Ø

Stroke (mm)

  • Lynx : 50.00  
  • Lion : 52.00 
  • Leopard : 54.00
  • X30:  54.00

Modifications. The engine /engines must conform to the registered / manufacturers fiche or conform to the original importers specification as lodged and agreed with the Motorsport UK .Its function must remain in the condition as intended and designed. No modification or alterations are permitted except where H²O expressly allowed.

All parts used on or in these engines must be of original manufacture type or source. Fitting of heli-coils and inserts to repair damaged threads is allowed.

Appearance: The engines external appearance must remain as original. 

Cylinder head: Must original colour.

Carburettor: As per class regulations for the engine, or separately approved by the MSA for any type IAME RL UK TaG engine (Including Tillotson HL344, HL360 & pre 2016 X30 Tryton type HB27 / Excluding Tillotson HW27)

Reeds: Any thickness of reeds may be used inc carbon fibre.

Reed block – H²O approved or originally supplied with any type IAME RL UK TaG engine.

Airbox: Any CIK airbox may be used, with a maximum of 2 intake holes, maximum dia 22mm, inc side entry intakes.

Clutch/Drum: The standard clutch/drum to original design must be used with 10T or 11T sprockets

Ignition: Either the early red/green button control box or the later ECU key switch type Selettra ignitions may also be used, including  pre 2016  X30 systems (Black coil & ignition, the ignition rotor woodruff key must be installed and as standard timing position and asper the relevant advance curve control listed on homologation).

Ignition Timing: as factory set 

Wiring Loom: All wires must be connected using the appropriate connectors, and in working order,

Selettra ECU: type A OR type C

Ignition General: The driver must be capable of both starting & stopping the engine using the key switch or control box buttons. The battery must be electrically connected as intended to the alternator at all times when engine is running. An external starter may be used in the event of starter motor failure. The key switch, Relay & ECU May be attached anywhere on the Nassau panel, fuel tank stays or with battery on main chassis rail. An original Mitsuba or non-genuine starter motor may be used. 

Note Safety– Key switch operation Blue Arrow, must point to the cut out/key switch to enable turn off an engine in the event of an incident.  Push Button – red stop must be clearly accessible.

Cooling system: The radiator, pump, axle pulley must be as originally supplied with any type IAME RL UK TaG engine, rubber or silicone replacement hoses are allowed. An in-line thermostat/temp sensor may be used, a manually operated radiator blind may be used.

Spark Plug: Spark plug and heat range is free 

Battery: Any 12v sealed lead acid battery OR 14v lithium polymer batteries may be used.

Batteries must be securely attached inside the original IAME battery holder using any fixings/clamps of an appropriate strength and construction, to the left hand main chassis rail. (Either type of IAME battery holder may be used) 

Exhaust: H²O approved or originally supplied with any type IAME RL UK TaG engine however. Motorsport UK yearbook noise levels apply (U16.16) a silencer end can must be fitted. Exhaust flex length is free. As a commitment to noise reduction, it is mandatory to use effective heatproof webbing or similar sleeve material wrapped around the exhaust flex to help reduce noise. Make is free.

Engine specific scrutineering:  Engine checking tools to be made available to the scrutineer of the day.

  • Max bore dia no-go gauges 
  • Max carburettor venturi dia no-go gauge

Chassis:  . Any chassis conforming to Motorsport UK Yearbook regulations for non-gearbox karts.

Bodywork: CIK homologated including front dropdown fairing

Tyres: Tyre Dry: Komet K1H /Vega SL4 (ACR) Rain: Komet K1W/Vega W5

Each new dry tyres sets have to be used for a minimum of 2 complete consecutive rounds unless proven unsafe to use (Barcode Process to apply)


  • Linx Blue 160kg inc driver
  • Lion Green 170kg inc min driver weight (76kg)
  • Leopard /X30 (Restricted) 180kg inc min driver weight (86kg) 
  • X30 190kg inc min driver weight (96kg) 

Numbers: Yellow back ground, Black numbers, (Novice Black background White numbers)

Note a driver may drop down to a smaller engine size (IAME RL UK TaG range) but must remain on the original weight and number category as registered for the event.

Race numbers Allocation: (free choice 2019 on membership)

  • 101- 199 Linx Blue
  • 201 -299 Lion Green 
  • 301- 399 Leopard Black & X30 (fitted restricted exhaust manifold part number  X30125366)
  • 401-499 X30 (exhaust manifold part number X30125365 )

The class is open to any driver aged 16 or over.

H²O Super Libre Series reserves the right to amend the regulations should the performance require adjustment on safety grounds and to preserve comparable kart performance.

Regulations as of 30TH July 2019


1 TITLE & JURISDICTION – The H²O Super Libre Series is organized and administered by the H2O Super Libre Series in accordance with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Series regulations. Championship Permit number (TBA if required) Status Clubman’s event.


1.2.1 The Co-ordinator –Mr Geoff Lattimer.

1.2.3 Series Steward – Mr. Dean Haddon

COMPETITOR ELIGIBILITY 1.3.1 Entrants must hold a valid Entrant licence and be fully paid valid H2O Super Libre Series membership. Competitors under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by the holder of a art PG Entrant’s licence who must sign on as the Entrant of that competitor.

1.3.2 Drivers and Entrant /Drivers must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of the H2O Super Libre Series. Competition Licence, minimum Novice, Kart National B 1.3.3 All necessary documentation/membership card must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing on.

1.3.4 A competitor shall not take time off school to participate in motor sport without the prior written approval of their school. If participation in the series requires absence from school, Drivers in full time school education are required to have the approval of their head teacher and a letter stating such approval from his/her school in order to fulfil registration for the Series.

1.4 REGISTRATION – The registration fee for 2019 is £40.

1.4.2 Each competitor must be registered before the start of racing


1.7.1 As per. Host clubs’ SRs’. Championship Trophies according to entries on a 4.1.basis will be presented at a separate presentation event, drivers must be present to collect.


It is mandatory for all competitors to attend all Drivers Briefings arranged by the Clerk of the Course

1.7.3 Title to awards – In the event of any provisional result or series tables being revised after any provisional presentation and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards, the competitor concerned must return such awards to the H2O Super Libre Series in good condition within 7 days.

2 JUDICIAL PROCEDURES – Will be in accordance with the 2019 Motorsport UK yearbook and in accordance with the Mandatory Karting Penalties as appended to these regulations. If a round of the series coincides with the host club running a CIK FIA judicial trial, the H2O Super Libre Series competitors will conform to the host clubs requirements / regulations regarding these CIK FIA judicial procedures being run on that day.

2.1 By registering all competitors, and their associates, commit to the MSA Race ‘n’ Respect campaign and agree to positively promote and demonstrate the Racing Code, which is appended to these regulations. Where any reports of disrespectful conduct are judged to be well founded the organizers may issue warnings or require remedial actions and / or report the matter to the Stewards who may impose appropriated penalties which can include loss of points and /or race bans through to Championship Expulsion and referral to the MSA

3 SPORTING REGULATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP RACE MEETING AND RACE PROCEDURE ENTRIES – Supplementary regulations and entry forms will be available to all series members in sufficient time for entries to be made prior to the closing dates. Competitors are responsible for complete entries with the correct fee to arrive prior to the closing dates, which will be shown in the S.R’s.

3.1.1 Entries will only be acknowledged by request.

3.1.2 The entry fee will be according to the S.R.’s for each meeting.

3.1.3 The entry fee will only be refunded if withdrawn prior to the closing date.

3.2 PRACTICE – Official practice will be the minimum period as specified in the MSA Regulations


3.3.1. The maximum grid will not exceed the Motorsport Track Licence requirements for each track.

3.3.2. For all classes, the grid positions will be allocated.

3.4. RACES 3.4.1. Race duration will be as specified in the S.R.’s for the meeting.

3.4.2. Heats and Finals duration may be reduced in wet weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances and will be announced on the dummy grid accordingly prior to the race. Changes can also be made during racing for safety reasons.


3.5.1 Pre-race will be as per event club S.R’s All competitors will be given a scrutineering card which they have SOLE responsibility to fill in correctly and hand to the scrutineer at pre-race scrutineering. . The card must be signed by the driver. These cards will be the only method used to check that each competitor is using at all times the equipment declared and presented by him/her at pre-race scrutineering.

3.5.2 At any post-race scrutineering the chassis and engine number must be those stated on the scrutineering card. Should it be found that the chassis or engines do not comply to the above requirements it will be considered to be a matter of fact for which there will be no appeal.

3.5.3 Post race scrutineering will take place after heats and finals and all results are deemed provisional until all karts are released by the Scrutineer and/or after completions of any Judicial or Technical procedures, including the testing of fuel, which may take several days.


3.6.1 All results from the days racing will be posted on the day as provisional for a period of 30 minutes after which they become final.




4.1.1. Arising from post-race scrutineering or Judicial Action, an exclusion from the whole meeting will incur Motorsport UK regulations C3.5.1 H2O Super Libre Series Sporting Regs. Final copy 3 4.1.2. Infringement of non-technical Motorsport UK regulations and the Sporting regulations issued herewith and individual S.R.’s as per 2019 Motorsport UK Judicial Procedure Regulations.


Motorsport UK 2019 Specific Karting Technical Regulations apply together with the 2019 MSA Kart Race Year Book Regulations

5.1.1 RACE CLASS – H2O Super Libre Series.

5.1.2. TYRES – Regulations as per MSA Gold Book / H2O Super Libre Series Regulations / ASR’s of host club.

5.2 CHASSIS – All classes will be allowed one chassis. In the event of an accident, during a race, in which the competitor has not finished and has received maximum non-finishing penalty points, a frame exchange may be allowed. The damaged kart must be shown to the Eligibility Scrutineer prior to leaving the circuit and park ferme. The Scrutineer must be satisfied that the frame is beyond repair. The replacement frame must be bare i.e. no parts fitted and of the same specification. Once the frame exchange has been completed the original and damaged frame must be deposited with the Scrutineers prior to continued involvement in the race meeting

5.3 ENGINES- two engine are allowed per round.

Regulations as of 30/6/2019