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Fun, Affordable, Competitive, Friendly Grass Roots Karting at top Motorsport UK circuits

NEWS – H20 2019 3 round winter series TBA shortly

About H2O Karting

Karting UK 2019 Libre class, is the new grass roots clubman racing series. At affordable cost, and with no big teams or tyre restrictions, racing at some of the best kart tracks in the uk.

This class endeavours to provide, at club level, a low maintenance and affordable means of Kart racing for all senior enthusiasts.

Why this engine? 

The Parilla Lynx, Lyon (Maxi), Leopard and X30 engines (IAME RL TaG range) are the most user friendly kart engines ever produced, with long engine life between rebuilds, easy touch start ignition, tuneable carburettor and an alternator to ‘keep the battery charged’ while the engine is in use.

The complete engine kit is ‘ready to race’ including engine, radiator, battery, airbox, cdi and all connections and hardware – simply bolt it on and go racing!  There is a good supply of these engines and spares around in the UK , either used or new engines can be bought.

The 4 options of engine size ensure that the heavier driver can race the lighter driver, a true grass roots clubman class. This engine is not sealed and is easily maintained by the clubman driver keeping costs down.

Become a Racing Driver

Enjoy the adrenaline and thrill of entry level Karting, in the most user friendly Karts produced, at the countries best Kart Tracks in the UK.

Latest News

Series Fixtures

Series Fixtures

2019 Series Venues updated 9/1/19 H²O Shakedown Whilton Mill – Sat 9th Feb Round 1 Wigan 3 Sisters – 23rd/24th Feb Round 2 Hooton Park – 16th/17th March Round 3 Whilton Mill – 27th/28th April Round 4 Hooton Park – 18th/19th May Round 5 Rissington – 1st/2nd June Round...

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